What’s the Russian Name of Pre-Border Zone is Russian Altai?

Can anyone help me with the application for the pre-border zone in Russian Altai? I need to solve/find Russian name of this zone. I know it is in Kosh-Agachsky District, but I need the full expression for the application. People who are giving this permits don’t really reply to emails so there is little chance to discuss this before applying. I know everything else already (application, how to, etc.), the last thing I need is the name of this pre-border zone – to be able to fill this application correctly.

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    I have a general idea – as the region is Kosh-Agachsky district, there should be something like this. So in Russian, it can be “Кош-Агач, Кош-Агачский район, Республики Алтай” but I know it is not 100% accurate, so that´s why I am asking about the name of this zone. Agencies won’t really help me, I guess they are not big fans of people solving this by themselves and not giving them a lot of money for one paper.


    Officially this checkpoint is called Республика Алтай

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    • Maximus Barton

      Thank you. But that’s only entry checkpoint? Or if i go this permit, I can go anywhere within border zone?

      • Kendrick

        Wow, did you know that for foreigners you should send an application 60 days prior the visit! Have you tried these emails pugornyjaltaj@mail.ru or pu.altai@fsb.ru?
        Your option Кош-Агач, Кош-Агачский район, Республики Алтай sounds good, I couldn’t find 100% accurate option. Good luck with that 😉

        • Maximus Barton

          Hi! Yes, I know about 60 days. We did already apply (send the application for Ust-Koksinsky district, which I hope is correct / no one replied though). And according to some guys, there are two different permits in the border-zone. But if you are correct and to permit goes only this information Республика Алтай (or something similar), then permit we applied for might cover not only the Ust-Koksinsky region but also Kosh Agachski. Not sure how to check this. This pugornyjaltaj is some official agency?

          or someone, do you know if it is possible to buy in Gorno Altaysk or somewhere in Altai camping gas – gas canisters?

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