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    Sapa Express bus service! I asked a few days ago, and a girl suggested me this company! I’m on my way back to Hanoi! A nice and safe bus trip! If you consider going by train, it takes around 10 hrs plus you have to go from Lao Cai to Sapa. By bus, you just get in, and it will drop you at Sapa. Bus cost is around 22 or 24 USD, I bought it from an agency in the old quarter! You can get an open ticket and just book your return one day before.

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    • Anna Lloyd

      Thanks just looked and there is a bed and seat option with beds being cheaper. Which one did you go for?

      • Sydni Veum

        I took the cheapest one, with the bed. You can recline your seat in a kind of seat position as well. I think it was 22 USD during the return. They picked us up from our hotel in Hanoi and dropped Sapa centre.


    Vega Travel – An agency that organises the trip perfectly. Do the 2 or 3-day tour. The night train is awesome to save some time!

    Another option is to ask the hostel or hotel you’re staying with to book a VIP luxury Van directly into Sapa. It took about 5 hrs to get there and dropped me directly off at the hotel. This is the best way to travel because its cheap, comfortable and you don’t need to deal with a lot of people. Max 9 people allowed in the Van. Costs around $25 only, so it’s cheap. This idea saves so much of the time and hassle than taking the old train and transferring by Taxi from Lao Cai.


    For cheap eats go to small local places, not the restaurants where they try to get you in! The stainless steel tables are a sign that they must be good, being able to afford the “better” furniture!

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