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    You can take a river cruise boat $5. On the Tonle Sap river. Leaves in the evening from Sisowath Quay, usually the same pier the Siem Reap boat leaves from. Lasts about 2 hrs. Bring your own food and beer – wine. No great sites like BBK or HCMC but still nice. Also, the Cambodian youth engage in nightlife and are usually stylish and attractive. But be cautious in Phnom Penh, the only place I’ve been in Asia where I didn’t feel safe. No late night tuk-tuks on your own. Keep your phone and money in your bag/pockets when out on the street and just be aware of what’s happening around you. Nothing happened to me but I’ve met at least two other solo women with some crazy stories.

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    S21, killing fields, the royal palace is amazing, the Russian market is really cool. I stayed in Dynsey Flashpacker Hostel and loved it 🙂

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