What are the Cool Things to do in Laos?

I have a few days plan at Laos and wish to know what the cool things we can do at Laos? I have heard of the limestone cliffs, brooding jungle and Mekong River, but how these things make Laos an adventurous place?

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    Thakhek loop is the best thing I have done in Laos. You can rent a bike… Drive the loop for 3-4 days… They will give you a map of where to stay and what to see… On the way the view is awesome… You can see the biggest cave in Laos, waterfalls, cold spring, river, mountains, local friendly people… The experience is just amazing. Also, 4000 island (Don Det) is pretty cool, you can do kayaking, see the freshwater dolphin, see waterfalls. But most people go to Vang Vieng for tubing and lagoon… Luang Prabang waterfalls & Mount Phousi etc.

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    • Isaac Ross

      Can I get a bike in Luang Prabang and return in Vang Vieng or Vientiane?

      • Nikki Simpson

        That I am not sure. Sorry, we took a van… But I know there are shops you can rent a bike in Luang Prabang but not sure if there are shops where they have also a branch in Vang Vieng or Vientiane… We did that in Pai to Chiang Mai.


    Another good place for seeing waterfalls is the Bolaven Plateau in the south of Laos. It’s apparently a bit easier to drive on, especially if you haven’t really driven motor bikes much. You can get there from Pakse. Also from Pakse, you should check out the Vat Phou temple and the reclining Buddha on the hill.

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