How to Treat Sunburn Blisters caused by Traveling out in Sunlight whole day?

I am traveling in Greece right now and got myself a serious sunburn after day one. My skin had been feeling very strange (kinda rough as if I had sand on it) after the burn, and this morning I had all these blisters. They don’t hurt or anything. I sometimes get Sun rash bit it looks very different, is this like a first-degree burn or what? I used a needle to pop one, it burst very easily, some fluid came out, no pain and it’s like nothing was ever there (but skin still feels rough), so of course I am thinking about doing the same to the rest of them but I am afraid I am making it worse?

Sunburn Blisters on Skin

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    Use aloe vera based aftersun, fresh aloe vera is best. I had this when I got a really bad sunburn a few years ago. It will disappear eventually. Just keep the skin covered until it heals.

    • Carlee Glover

      I will try to get my hands on some fresh aloe vera and otherwise keep using my aftersun with aloe vera and let time heal it. But would it be bad to use the needle? It still seems like No damage has been done with the one that I poped earlier and it’s not like the blisters are pretty they are making me a little crazy since they are placed on my chest.

      • Mafalda Lindgren

        Don’t pop blisters, never. It would seem to be okay but it might be really painful next day. And do not worry, it lasts approximately 4-7 days… when it will get better. After few days skin will begin peel.

        • Ava

          Don’t pop the blisters. It increases your chance of infection. This is a natural way for your body to heal. The skin will peel eventually. Moisturize and stay out of the sun.


    That’s totally normal when you’re exposed to the sun more than you should. I’m from a tropical island. To avoid it the next time, just leave Noxema lotion in your refrigerator and you put it in the skin after returning from the beach.

    There is a way to make them dry really quick and painless. Put rum, vodka or any hard liquor over your skin. They will dry in a couple of hours. Don’t go under the sun will be painful, but mostly because will leave scars if you do it.


    Don’t worry, it is just because of the burn like people have been saying, keep it moisturized like you would with a sunburn and all will be fine! Some extra sun protection until it has healed completely is recommendable though.


    Olive oil but then stay out of the Sun. Yes if you sit in the sun, it’s really good to heal burns fast. Don´t knock it till you try it as it actually works. Someone gave me the tip and I was like what that makes no sense but I tried it and it worked.

    • Reva Rogahn

      I heard the same thing. It traps the heat in the burn! Cold baths and showers, lots of water and aloe Vera to take the beat out!


    Don’t do it with needles, you’re gonna destroy your skin, just put some relief cream and have patience, it will pass in a few days. Just let it go by itself and just do shower don’t scratch it.


    Been there, done that. You’ll be fine. Don’t go popping with needles or anything. Maybe use Aloe Vera to calm the skin, but this is the body’s natural process after a very bad sunburn. Next, you will start to peel a lot. Just keep moisturizing regularly until all the dead skin is gone. And keep your skin covered until you are healed. Or use this Panthenol Spray. It is easily available at local pharmacies and online as well.

    Best answer

    The sandy feeling is the dried liquid from the blisters. Put olive oil on it, you’ll be fine, that’s what I did when my face cracked from the sun, no scar, nothing. Only extra virgin olive oil, refined will dry your skin because that’s what the chemicals do, extract oil.

    P.S: sunscreen is the number one cause of sunburn nowadays.


    it’s just sweating under the burned skin. I had the same many years ago when i’ve had a really bad sunburn and after I sweat and bubbles come out. Nothing bad just wait and remove it, probably after your all skin around will go out. ????

    • Javon Roob

      I get this, usually on my shoulders and back/neck. It’s your sweat pores being blocked. Exfoliate and don’t use any perfumed or oily products as this blocks your pores even more.

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