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    I took one of those cheap ones from Khao San a few years ago… Not recommended… If you don’t have a visa already, they will try to do it for you (overcharging) and they will threaten you of leaving you there. Then you will stop in 2-3 expensive restaurants (even when you are like 1 hour away of Siem Reap) where they get a commission, and finally, you will arrive in Siem Reap at night, outside of the city and the few tuk-tuk drivers will try to get the most of you… I did it by myself recently talking a public Van to the border and then sharing a taxi, and it took me half of the time than doing it from Khao San.

    It’s not because of the company; it’s because of the Cambodian customs at the border. They always try to get more money than the visa price — such a shame.

    Although you can go to the border and get the visa yourself paying the official price (if you give your passport and the exact amount with 2 photos, you don’t have to pay anything else. They probably make you wait a little bit longer than if you pay the bribe). But in this case, they take you to a restaurant before the border and ask you for $15-20 more than the official price and if you refuse they threaten you and even become aggressive.

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    Don’t do it and buy a proper ticket with I’ve done the cheap Bus ride and it was HELL. The bus was the worst I’ve ever been on, border scams to the point of being threatened by the bus driver (buy the visa at the restaurant for double price or you have to stay here) and more trouble.


    Official Thai Trasport Co. Ltd. ticket price from Bangkok to Siem Reap is 750 THB. Minivan from MorChit to Aranyaprathet costs 220 THB. Cross the border. Then get a bus from Poipet to Siem Reap which costs only $3.

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