Tips / Information for Hitchhiking from Helsinki to Stockholm?

I have the idea to go from Helsinki to Stockholm crossing both countries and passing through the North Cape, at the end of July and whole August, hitchhiking. I’m interested to learn about the wildlife of this part of the world.

I would appreciate any kind of tips or information or points to consider before planning the trip. Thanks

Hitchhiking from Helsinki to Stockholm

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    It’s been a few years but when I was in Helsinki it was very hard to catch a ride.
    To be honest, in the end, there was no ride. We had to take the train. The people are friendly, nature is beautiful. Good luck with the adventure.

    • Knut Blomqvist

      Always go far from the city to hitchhike, and pick a nice place for cars to stop.  We also have many group ride pages in facebook that shares a ride at cost of gas if you are interested. There’s one for going from Helsinki to Oulu!


    Hi, good luck with the trip 🙂 sorry to hear Mia had hard times catching a ride. People might indeed be suspicious to take strangers to the car, and it is not very very common to hitchhike, but there is still people doing that successfully (I did years ago, and at least then it was ok). It might help if you have a ready sign which says to which city you are going (a city not too far), so it is easier for the drivers to spot the familiar city and realize they can help you…

    • Annika Pettersson

      Yes, a sign is a must! Finnish people are awkward, they won’t stop to ask where u are going to 😀


    I’m originally from Southern Finland and haven’t seen that many hitchhikers recently but for sure that will be an amazing experience! Also, prepaid data sim cards are cheap in Finland in case you want to be connected all the time 🙂


    Starting from Rovaniemi up north getting a ride can be tricky, there are few people living up there which means statistically less and fewer rides. However many Germans take their Caravans there for holiday, I think they might help you. Prepare for mosquitoes, make sure you have protective clothes (also a hat with a net) and some spray to keep them away. Good luck, the north is awesome, you will like it!


    Good luck… Scandinavia hardest hitching ever. I wouldn’t do it again. but at least summer is on your side.


    You might be fine with mosquitoes since you are quite late in the season.. I drove trough Finland last year and there weren’t many hitchhikers.. but I’m pretty sure you won’t have problems getting there. it might just take you some time. as long as you travel with a tent you will be fine. the law in the northern countries allows you to camp wherever you want for at least a day as long as it’s not private or in someone’s line of sight. the countries are beautiful and the people are friendly 🙂 have fun!

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    It is not very common for people to hitchhike in Sweden. Especially not in northern Sweden, since all “normal” people are supposed to have a car here. The only people I’ve personally seen hitchhiking are alcoholics who can’t get home because they’ve missed the bus.

    Not trying to ruin the mood here, but I’m very skeptic about hitchhiking through northern Sweden. But I don’t know, maybe you’re lucky. 🙂 as someone said, as long as you have a tent and a lot of time, maybe it’s possible.

    And with “Northern Sweden” I mean Norrland (which covers half of Sweden’s area).

    • Patrick Saunders

      Or there are other foreigners or immigrants traveling in cars… yea we waited 3 hours in Sundsvall for Stockholm and got 20km ride from someone who also hitchhikes when he was young, got stuck again for 3 hours…then literally begged someone to take us back to Sundsvall so we could catch a bus or train instead. That was our last time hitching in Sweden of coz… First time it was a polish who picked us up.

    • Nils

      The one with the alcoholics is true but I think they can see the difference between a backpacker and an alcoholic haha

      All the hitchhikers we picked up said it’s not too difficult.


    I just remembered there is this thing called Skjutsgruppen, which is a website made to organize trips with “strangers” if you’re heading to the North Cape. Like organized hitchhiking. It is connected to Facebook, so you can see if you have any common friends or if the other person looks suspicious. Maybe you could try that out 🙂


    Unlike Australia, nothing in Finland wants to kill you. Except for mother bears if you happen to get near cubs.


    It’s maybe good to know that weather can be moody, at least in Finnish Lapland where I live. It could be cold, wind and rain, or still, warm and sunny. After a sweet and sunny summer on last weekend, the temperature dropped close to zero, and on Wednesday we got 3cm of fresh snow that stayed for a day. And now everything is all warm and summery again… But the light is beautiful, nature is blooming and it’s very peaceful here


    Hi there! It is a good trip. I personally did by hitchhiking from Olso – west coast in Norway – then Sweden until North Kapp and going back all through Finland until Helsinki and Imatra close to the border with Russia. I took me 2 weeks and it was an incredible experience. I think you will have not a problem to find drivers. Comparing with my experience Sweden was a bit slower and harder to find drivers, but just a question of time. Of course be ready to camp if anyone will pick up you in the middle of nowhere. As they said above Mosquitos could be a problem especially in the north, be ready for this as well. I can advise to go through the west coast in Norway and then go to Sweden… So you could enjoy first fiords and incredible landscapes. Also because Norway seems perfect to hitchhike as roads are small, friendly and nice.

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