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    The only difference is tourists are short on time, whilst travelers are away for extended periods. I have learned in 15 years of travel that stereotyping in terms of budget is total bollocks – many tourists have tight budgets and many travelers have money.

    If you only stay in $1 a night hostels, then you will only meet people with similar priorities – upgrade and downgrade your “usual” accommodation every once in a while so you can burst your bubble and meet some really interesting people who you wouldn’t usually bump into.

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    There is a gradual progression from being a tourist to a traveler. Everyone follows the same path. It’s like understanding religion. First, you practice it just superficially or just to experience what is it. Gradually you understand and reject unimportant things and one fine day you do understand some part. Same goes for traveling. You can’t ever fully understand it, just that little bit.


    1. None. You can call yourself whatever you want for patting yourself on the back and being “better than everyone else”.

    2. I’m Mr. mcHawaiishots, cause I wear stupid looking shorts when I’m on a trip.


    Tourists usually have shorted holidays and they can afford to waste money on stupid things, travelers go for a long time and sometimes think about what to spend money on.
    Those on a budget are travelers (walking), and those who have money are tourists (being driven).
    I have to say that as a traveler I have less money and smell more than a tourist. ????


    Tourists go on vacations to get away from daily chores… A traveler’s daily chore is to get away… 😉

    Traveler = An obsession to explore the world, this is a career for them.
    Tourist = Take time off work to go on holidays to relax and let go of all the stress.

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