How to do Stealth Camping in Europe for Vanlifers and How to find Spots for Same?

I and my girlfriend are travelling Europe in a van for the first time. Up until now, we have stayed at “mainstream” camper places which are always legal to camp out on for the night. We kind of have problems with this because they are always packed with gigantic white RV’s inhabited with grumpy old people. This is DEFINITELY not what we signed up for! We want to meet fellow travellers on the road whom we can share experiences with next to a campfire. Are there any vanlifers who have experienced this and moved on to stealth camping in Mother Nature? Is it worth the risk? Will you get a ticket for “breaking the law”? At the moment we are in Denmark and we have stayed in a farmers driveway which was nice, but we’d like to camp out near a lake. Any suggestions?

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    I’ve been living in a van for about a year now, mostly ‘stealth camping’ in plain sight. I haven’t had any trouble until now, although in some cases I did get some attention from the police. In my experience, they tell you to move before you risk any fine. Right now I’m on the same spot for about a month, and there’s no trouble at all. I’d strongly advise to get away from those camper parkings and into smaller towns or nature!


    In Denmark, you may spend the night in your car anywhere that you can legally park (this law is for cars so your van or RV counts as your car and is therefore ok, but not trailers). This should mean it would be ok to park in the parking lot to a forest or even on the side of the road out in the country. If you are looking for places to make camp with a fire and so on you can look on this page of the Nature Agency’s webpage –

    It’s in Danish but I hope you can make something of it out with google translate maybe. There should be a map of their forests with campgrounds and so on. My experience with these is that they are quite often empty but I’ve found they’re not, you might find people more like you than the grouchy old tourists!

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    When you reach the Balkans – Bulgaria,  you will find many places where nobody cares that you’re wild camping. In Croatia and Slovenia, you need to spend the night in a camping place. We got a fine a few years back and quite high. No problem if you park just anywhere during the day but night always at a camping site! As for Europe, it depends on where you travel. I’ve been traveling with a van for holidays and long trips since 1997. Some countries are easier than others. For instance, France and Germany are. Then, it depends on the season and where you plan to go.


    Park4night website has spots all over Europe. It was great for me when traveling with a van. Bon voyage


    You can park anywhere in Denmark without problems, I’m from there and as long as you don’t make a mess around your car its good!


    Sometimes sites like these have its use, but most of the time you can find way better spots in nature. We’ve been on the road for almost two years now, spending as little money and time as possible on camping sites and places like this. You just need to look for them, drive up and down and don’t be afraid when you are all alone. Most epic moments are the ones you are all by yourself! What’s your planned route after Denmark? We are in Portugal now, heading for winter in Morocco.

    • Eberhard Moser

      We will go to the North Cape first, then all the way back down to Helsinki. Then St. Petersburg, the Baltics, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic etc towards Hungary, then west towards Spain where we will spend the winter.


    In Denmark, there are a lot of shelters all around where you can easily go and probably they have a parking place where you can spend the night. I am not sure, but it would make a lot of sense. I would totally try it 😀 And normally there is a place to make a nice fire and might be that you meet some adventurers there 🙂

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