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    Koh rong Samloem, Koh Ta Kiev, or Coconut beach on Koh Rong. Kampot is nice but not an island. Tonsai is not far though (near Kep). Have a look at Dragonfly guesthouse, it’s great, cosy and chill. Koh Rong is the best for snorkelling, for the beautiful view and for parties.

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    • Janis Prohaska

      I need a beach and diving school – is Koh Rong Samloem better than Koh Rong?

      • Maria Anderson

        For me, it was yes, bounty island, maybe not great for diving (did that on Koh Tao).

        • Janis Prohaska

          I was diving on Koh Tao as well, but it is a bit too crowded for me (anyway I will be there or on Phangan in 10 days). Thanks for the help, just booked Sihanoukville and need to find a boat to Koh Rong Samloem tomorrow. 🙂


    Otres 1 and 2 aren’t islands, but they are quiet. You can always walk down to Snooky if you feel the need for a bit more life. Plus you have easy access to the islands. You can stay at Sea Garden bungalows, which is a sea garden, at the end of Otres 1 on the right, just before the Pizza place… best Pool table so far, nice people and good food.

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