Recommendations for a Good Hospital/Medical Facility in Thailand for Travelers?

I am actually in Cambodia and got really sick in Siem Reap since last few days. A few days later it became better (but still have big headaches, tired, dizzy…) I decided to continue South to Battambang. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go better. I think then that I’ll go back to Siem Reap (because I am closer).

Do you know if there is a really good facility there? Would be great because I can not stay like that. Also, I would like to avoid returning in Bangkok. I have a flight after at Ho Chi Minh and have to cross the border from Cambodia (I guess).

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    Do you think you need a facility that much? Or is something you may be able to shake off in a few days with some liquids, rest, etc. maybe go to a pharm and get some painkillers or benzos to alleviate the headaches… I’ve been to a facility in Phnom Penh & I feel like one would prob get sicker just from going to a place like that… Just my two cents, just came back from PP myself and fighting off a bug, feeling better 😀 good luck!

    • Johnnie Sauer

      Thanks! Yeah, it’s not getting better since it started 5 days ago :/

      • Gennaro Kris

        Sounds like dengue to me, no medicine for that just drink a lot and rest a lot.


    If you really think you need a hospital, I’d personally go to the first city in Thailand that has one. Way better (and cheaper) hospitals than Cambodia. (I guess it also depends a bit on if you have insurance and can go to whatever the expensive international hospital in Phnom Penh is called.)


    I had the exact same thing two weeks ago in Siem Reap. It is dengue for sure! I went to see a doctor, and he sent me right in the hospital. I was in the Royal Angkor International hospital, close to the airport. Very expensive hospital (5000 USD for 7 days) but my travel insurance cover it all without any hassle. Maybe yours will be too.

    Anyway, if you have travel insurance, I recommend you to go to a hospital as dengue make you weak, it might be difficult even to go out buy water or drinks. Plus it can be free if you have travel insurance and then save the money for a hostel. I went out of the hospital a week ago now, and I still have tiredness crisis once every two days. Take it easy man and wish you feel better soon.

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    A travel hack plus it can be free if you have travel insurance and then save the money for a hostel!

    (1) Spend a couple of hundred dollars on travel insurance.
    (2) Go to Cambodia.
    (3) Get dengue fever.
    (4) Save 5 USD a night on hostel fees while you’re in hospital recovering. 😀

    Just saying that it’s better to recover in a hospital than in a hostel.

    • Johnnie Sauer

      Damn, didn’t think about that!! You are right, I should have gone earlier instead of spending tons of money in the dorm with people who don’t let you sleep and with a cold AC. I am going today actually, even if I got better … it didn’t really stop.

      • Johnnie Sauer

        An Update: So yes! I have dengue, I’ll have to stay at Royal Phnom Penh Hospital for a few days.

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