Recommendations for Cheap Sky Bars in Bangkok?

Any suggestion for a sky bar in Bangkok which not requires a kidney for a drink? Looking for cheap and nice places to drink and relax without hurting my budget.

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    Octave bar at the Marriott Sukhumvit road is pretty nice, no dress code although you maybe don’t want to go in a vest and flip-flops as the place is fairly classy. They have happy hour cocktails 5-7pm for about 300-400 baht – buy one get one free!


    Zoom bar at Anantara Hotel – highly recommended – good drinks and no dress code.

    Also, I have been to Lebua twice. The first time I bought a drink and the second time we just avoided the waiters, took photos and left as it does cost a kidney to buy a drink there! It’s where they filmed scenes from the Hangover part 2 movie.


    Sky Bar at Baiyoke Sky Hotel! You Pay 400 baht to come in, but that’s including a drink (we had, for example, Gin Tonic) and there is both a covered part (Floor 83) and a 360 degrees outdoor part (Floor 84). It is the highest in Thailand and definitely worth it! Probably you’ll find the views from there stunning, but the bar itself is very dated. Surely Revolving Platform is fun!

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