Recommendation for Low Budget Halong Bay Tour in One Day?

Can anyone recommend an ‘alright’ or ‘Low Budget’ Halong Bay at Vietnam tour? We just want to do a one day tour and we’re on a budget hence the ‘alright’, we know it’s a get what you pay for sort of thing!

Halong Bay - Vietnam

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    In Hanoi, there are a number of tour operators on the street. Last year I did a one day tour and I think it was $21 including transport from Hanoi. It was definitely “low budget”. Saw a cave. Saw the scenery. Had an edible meal.

    Also, brace yourself for “one day doesn’t do it justice” or “your boat will be unsafe!” but I get you. I’d rather do 1 day in two places that have to choose between them.

    Try to find a travel agency in the old quarter of Hanoi and there are lots of tours packages you can compare. Good luck! 😉

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    I recently visited there. Here’s what I did:
    You first need to arrive at this port… here you will take the first ship, travel through an island and take a second ship (all for 2-3 dollars) then you reach Cat Ba Island, on the southern part, there are several hostels etc, we went in Cat Ba hostel close to the skyline. There you can find the organizers but I think there are several… Cat Ba is nice, Ha Long Bay is very cool to go around.


    Not sure if you have enough time but I can really recommend going to cat ba instead. Doing a tour from there, mainly Lan Ha Bay. We were 6 people and got a private boat included 1-hour kayaking for 22$ each. And it is less touristy than the common Halong Bay tours.


    If you’re looking for a package tour from Hanoi to Halong, I suggest you this tour (, which includes transfer, meal, entrance fee and kayaking. Actually, Halong Bay is more expensive than Cat Ba. I used to be confused between two, but I decided to choose Halong, it’s totally worth it. You know. I’m a student so I don’t have much money. I think this price is acceptable. You don’t need to worry about transportation, unsafe, getting lost… Just enjoy the trip. 🙂


    Definitely would recommend Halong Hideaway Tour from Central Backpackers hostel, it was amazing and made my trip so worth it. Also, the price was not too bad.

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