Recommendation for Good Party Hostels in Bangkok?

Can anyone recommend a good party hostel in Bangkok or even just a good area to stay in? There’s so many to choose from! We’re staying there for 6 nights before going down to the islands ????????. Never been to Thailand before so any tips/advice would be much appreciated!

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    NapPark Hostel is great! Walking distance to Khao San Road but still quiet enough to get a decent sleep, and nice neighbourhood.
    I can’t tell you about the islands but 6 nights in Bangkok is really long, especially if it’s your first time in Thailand. We stayed 4 nights and had already had enough after 2 nights! Of course, this depends on what you like, but me and my friend both aren’t the best “big city girls” and the craziness of Bangkok got a little too much for us!

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    Bed Station Hostel in Bangkok is really clean and modern. Its also central and you can go by Bus, Taxi or Tuk Tuk. Another nice area to stay is Thonglor… it has some pubs/clubs around for parties and Soi Sukhumvit 55 is also a good party street there. Also, Khao San road is backpackers party central place.


    Leave Bangkok quicker. It seems cool, but then you go to islands and realise that you could’ve been in paradise on Earth rather than a giant cesspit.

    • Kellen

      I object to this description of Bangkok! It’s awesome, you just actually have to leave Khao San road! But agree the islands are paradise!

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