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    Ocean tours Vietnam, booked it through Hanoi Rocks. I think it was $89 for the 2d/1n tour. Food was amazing, the guide was awesome, and the private island was beautiful. I think there was an option to spend the night on a boat as well. 🙂

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    • Aurelie Glover

      Did you take the 3-days 2-nights tour? Do you get to do some minor trekking to good viewpoints?

      • Bryana Medhurst

        No, we also made 2-days 1-night, and it was just perfect! Just think to take a fleece to the high air conditioning of the dormitory ;). Unfortunately, the trek is very short, only 30 minutes :/ but the view was amazing!!
        We also went to different agencies and we didn’t find a better tour for cheaper than by Ocean Tours.


    Booked the cruise from Republik Backpackers and really loved it! You should stay there too, awesome place.


    Lemon cruise, booked through Vietnam backpackers hostel – $110 for 2-days 1-night package which included swimming kayaking fishing village & cave.

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