Places to Explore in Germany with Authentic Culture & Lots of Nature?

I am in need of some ideas on where to spend a day/night near Köln or Düsseldorf. I’d like to see a nice, small German town with authentic culture and lots of nature. Any suggestions?

(I’ll be travelling from Hungary to the Netherlands, and this area will be one of my stopovers.)

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    Come to Münster! It is not far. Medium-sized university town. Bicycle capital of Germany. Lots of culture and events and an amazing community of international people and couchsurfers.


      I second Münster (it really is a very nice town), but if you want something closer to Cologne and more nature-y, try looking at Monschau. It’s in the beautiful Eifel region and supposedly very idyllic and small and close to the beautiful Wilderness trail for hiking.

      If you are interested in a little more city vibe, Essen is a great city to visit, very green and lots of well-presented industry culture of the whole area’s past. Don’t believe the bad talk, despite the industry past, the Northrhine Westphalia region has tons to offer and a very unique feel 🙂

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        And third to Münster !!! Nice town, next to the Netherlands. (train Münster – Enschede)


    You’re at the wrong side of Germany…lot’s of industry there and more or less no things to see… check out Hattingen or the Osthaus-Museum Hagen… that’s probably the closest you can get to seeing German culture in this area.


    Heidelberg..!! Is definitely a place to visit.. but I think it is a little far.


      It is indeed a little far, but might still work. Thanks so much ????


    Nuremberg was one of the most amazing cities I’ve been in old town with a lot of history and amazing beer. Highly recommend visiting.


      One vote for Nuremberg here also!! ????


    Some towns by the Rheine are fantastic. I stopped in Trechtingshausen and the castle was really worth it 🙂


    Thank you all for the fantastic ideas. We chose Heidelberg because my husband is crazy to see the town of the university so many big philosophers taught at. However, on our return, we might choose to stop by Münster ????☮

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