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    You can get a 30-day visa on arrival and pay the $2 per day overstay fine when you leave (if they even ask you for it).

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    • Noelia

      Oh amazing, I’ve already booked my flight out though so will they check on arrival?

      • Kailey Carter

        I arrived in Kathmandu twice without an onward ticket and never been asked for one., if they do I doubt they’ll make you buy a 90-day visa, Nepali’s are pretty relaxed, just smile back 🙂

        • Addison

          The first day other stay is free in Népal, go for the 30days 😉


    You don’t need to show your onward ticket in Nepal. You can just tell them you want a 30-day visa. And then pay 2 dollars for your overstay. I thought you can pay the 2 dollars at the airport when you leave. But to be sure you can check the Nepali immigration website.
    The 2 dollars a day fee is only valid for max. 1-week overstay.

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