What do you Love about Cambodia and What Makes it Worth Visiting?

I’m planning to go to Cambodia after Vietnam but somehow I’m not 100% convinced. I know that you’ll never know how a country will be like before going there but was hoping to hear what you loved about Cambodia and what you would say, that is absolutely worth visiting.

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    I absolutely loved Cambodia! I thought the killing fields and genocide museum in Phnom Penh were extremely important to see in order to understand the culture and history if Cambodia.

    For beaches go to either Koh Rong or Koh Rong Samleon. Plus at night you can swim with the bioluminescent plankton which is breathtaking. Vargas Beach, just outside Sihanoukville was also beautiful and has incredible seafood.

    Siem Reap is also a must visit because the temple complex of Angkor Wat is like nothing else in the world. Plus the city of Siem Reap was friendly and charming! Definitely, do not miss Cambodia!

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      Completely agree with you. Lots of people avoid Phnom Penh, but I believe it’s very important to learn about the Khmer Rouge genocide.


    The people in Cambodia are so beautiful and are so keen for you to visit their country. Other than the people you have the history in Phnom Phen, beaches in Salomon Bay, rainforests in Ream national park, bamboo trains in Battenbang and stunning temples in Siem Reap. Cambodia’s got everything, I’ve been twice and I’ll definitely return.


    Sunrise in Koh Rong. Cambodia is definitely worth a visit. Check out the cool little bars down Bassac Lane in Phnom Penh and there is even a speakeasy down the alleyway at the end of 280.

    Check out the Russian market area for some delicious food also. Visit the killing fields and genocide museum (in that order), the palace, and go all the way down the riverside to take the locals river cruise for $5.

    Elsewhere, in Kampot hire a bike a ride up to Bokor station, score cheap and awesome riverside bungalows for accommodation and go stand up paddle boarding! Head to the beaches and stay at the mushroom lodge on Otres beach before relaxing on the slow ferry over to Koh Rong Salomon.

    After, head to Kep for more beaches and a trip to the pepper fields. Then head up to Siem Reap for all of the temples! And that’s just the main tourist loop!

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    Cambodia is wonderful. I came here for holiday and now I am living here for 5 months and willing to live longer. Otres Village is a crazy hippie village with nice people around. Also, Koh Rong Salomon, Ream national park, waterfall, Kampot are the places from heavens near Sihanoukville. You shouldn’t miss those…


    Go to Cambodia and don’t miss the jungles and waterfalls in the eastern provinces of Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri. ❤️
    I recommend highland tours in Banlung, Ratanakiri for an amazing trekking experience!


    Cambodia is AWESOME! ????
    After 8 months of traveling through south-east Asia, Cambodia is my favorite country. I went there twice and spent in total 2,5 months! I’m in love with the people ❤️ go a bit off the beaten path, to less touristy places in the East and you will have a great time!


    I prefer Vietnam but my husband prefers Cambodia. We went to Oudong, it’s just outside Phnom Penh and it was a high light of all the time we have been away.


    I keep going back there and spend months at a time. Beautiful country with beautiful people. I love the diversity that you can have the full island life and just with few hours, you can change it to a city environment 🙂


    I felt the same way. But I went. I’m sooo glad I did. Although the culture didn’t exactly stun me I found out their cruel history and all that they have been through as a nation. Angkor Wat in Siem Reap is breathtaking.

    Koh Rong Samloem, Saracen Bay stole my heart and Phnom Penh taught me about history and culture I never knew. Reluctant to go but so so happy that I did!


    It is like going back in time! Friendly locals (as long as you get a bit off the major tourist hub), the islands are less developed and commercial than its neighbors (thai island). Went for a month 3 years ago and still there loving it!


    I love Cambodia and have lived there. Siem Reap is so cool, one of the most relaxed places ever. I love Phnom Penh also, really cool along Sisowath Quay, these days and there are some amazingly good restaurants.

    Kampot and Kep are great and the nearby Bokor National Park provided one of the best days I’ve had in 10 years in Asia. Sihanoukville is a bit seedy, but go to Otres beach, nearby, and you’ll find great seafood places and an excellent beach.

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