Is Ko Phi-Phi Don a Complete Party Island at Thailand or if it is worth Few Days?

I’m thinking about doing a trip to ko phi-phi, however, a bit concerned from what I’ve heard it’s just a party island so is it worth a few days or would a day trip be enough?

I was thinking about just general Ko Phi Phi Don and wanted to visit the Maya beach. To be honest, not sure where I would go precisely as it’s just on my list to see in Thailand, however debating on whether to stay on the island or just a day trip will be enough?

As I’ve heard from quite a few that it’s really clubby an I don’t mind a bit of nightlife but would also like the option to chill?

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    I found it pretty chilled last year. A few beach entertainment things in the port town. There was some big drinking by some. We stayed at the far end of the town out the way of things. There are some quieter places on the island if you want some chill time.
    The sunset boat trip was great. A bit of kayaking. The weather was too rough for Maya bay but wasn’t too fussed. There are other beautiful beaches that aren’t ruined by tourists.

    If you really want to go I’ve heard getting a private trip for a sunrise minus the tourists is the way forward.

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    If one looks for a party in South-East Asia it can usually be found. However, I’d say one can also find more serene activities on Koh Phi Phi and avoid the crazy town if you stay in the right place. I went last year and enjoyed a mixture of party n chill. Everything in moderation ????… I would not say it’s overrated. I thought it was a rather beautiful island and one can find some pretty gorgeous and secluded beaches if they walk the right way.

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