Is Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam a Typical Tourist Excursion?

Can anyone give me an honest opinion about the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam? I m not a big fan of trip advisor, and I don’t want to go if is the typical tourist excursion. Is it worthy of going there? Also, has anyone done it by local transport fairly quick? So far I found 2 buses, but will it take the whole day? Thanks.

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    Just do a tour. It cost me 120000 VND. Nothing much to see.

    1. The bus ride will have a tour guide that will explain the history of the Vietnam war. Also, they will try to sneak in some communist propaganda to your head.

    2. When you arrive, they will just explain the traps and the tunnels then more history and propaganda crap.

    3. They will let you go inside the tunnel. I didn’t enjoy it. Our group didn’t like it cause it was too small and you need to bend like crazy and too much hot.


    I went there a few months ago. The tour was very affordable and I enjoyed it a lot. Of course the info that the guide provided was bias because Vietnamese people can’t talk against their government, but still lots of interesting facts. In my opinion, it’s worth it.


    I did a tour, booked it in the hostel I was staying. We were a group of 40 people, we spent most of the time waiting for everyone to take a picture of the main attractions. In my opinion (and personal experience there) not worth it.


    We did it the other day by scooter. Was pretty disappointed with the tunnels. The guide does not give you any information and just tells you to hurry up all the time. The surroundings are nice tho!


    It is a typical tourist like – but for me, it is a must seen place!! It’s amazing to see what the Vietnamese were able to do when fighting for their country!! You really have to go there!


    If you do a guided tour from Ho Chi Minh City, your guide at the Cu Chi Tunnels will be the same person all day. Starting on the bus and at every stop. Most of this tours to Cu Chi Tunnels have about 3 stops. One probably will be at a really nice monastery where all the 4 big religions live together. I liked this day trip and our guide was a smart Vietnamese who was in the American army – so a really interesting day.

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    • Ella Allen

      Yeah, we meant to visit the Confucianism place too, do you remember the tour company name?

      • Martin Price

        No sorry – I can’t remember the company’s name!!
        In the end, all these tours will be nearly the same. Just we were really lucky with our guide, who made this day trip to an amazing lesson about history.


    There are also tunnels you can visit from Huế (they have tours in the hostels there but we did it with a private car since my mom visited me and was the big spender ;)) While we were there (in April) there were maybe 10 other People… We thought it was really interesting but yes also propaganda…

    I haven’t been to the other tunnels though so I can’t compare. In the tunnels, there isn’t a lot to see but just feeling how it may have been to actually live in those tunnels is a powerful and unique experience.


    I don’t really understand the term touristy. But it’s easy to get there as a tour and it’s really a fascinating place to learn about the life of people during the war. You can also shoot an AK47 if that’s your thing.


    I loved it. Memory forever. Do the museum too on the same day that is mind-blowing. You will leave the museum in a somber mood for sure. The tunnels are fun and a little un-nerving (adds to the fun)… If you are lightly built, its great fun shooting through them with no worries. I also went to the Vịnh Mốc tunnels in between Phong Nha to Huế. Less touristic I guess!

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