Interesting Places in Nature of Kyrgyzstan & Any Trekking Routes?

I’ve been preparing myself travelling to Kyrgyzstan and I had stucks in some places. I need your kind helps. Firstly, I need to get some information about the wildlife there. I’ll trek to Tian Shan mountains and try to live approximately ten days in nature may be more. I couldn’t find good documentaries on camping in wild, wild animals and so. More trekking routes you know? Interesting places in nature? Any town or so?

Then I am on a journey based on a project where I meet people from everywhere. I want to find real nomads living in mountains in Kyrgyzstan. I want to hear their stories. Else from Yurts, how can I find them in mountains?

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    I definitely will go to Sary-Moghul / Sary-Tash to enjoy the Tian-shan range, you could find the tour in CBT office in Sary-Moghul, they can arrange you some mountaneering activities or just horse-ride around alay valley! The valley is really peaceful!! if you’re into the lake, you should check Alpine Lake Sary-Chelek! If you have much time go for horse riding to the beautiful side of the lake ! you won’t regret it!

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    • Edison Koepp

      I forgot to mention about the tea, go to Arslanbob its small village near Jalal-Abad, there are so many groups of the old men sitting and playing chess in the evening they would be happy to have some cup of tea with a stranger. Don’t worry about the language barrier because smile and funny hand-gesture sometimes can warm the heart 🙂


    If you’d like to meet locals then you’ll need good Russian, and even then some people may only speak Kyrgyz.

    There can be wolves also; I heard them but never ran into any when camping. The only guidebook worth getting is the Bradt Travel Guide.


    I would highly recommend seeing other parts of the country too, like Son Kul Lake in the Tian Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan. There is also an interesting Soviet era bath near Karakol, the water is radioactive!


    It’s also worth mentioning that tea is a pretty big thing in KG (and Tajikistan, if you make it there) so you will have plenty of opportunities!


    There used to be tigers in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan (at least 100 years ago), don’t know if they are there these days as well.


    I am also planning to visit Kyrgyzstan soon. My approximate plan is Karakol-some place on Issykkul’s north shore-Bishkek-Osh from where I will organize transport to Murgab, Tajikistan, probably via Sarytash.

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