How to Spend a Week in Bangkok or What Places to Visit Nearby It?

I need some advice about a week in Thailand. I have been travelling in Vietnam and Cambodia and in the end, I’ll fly back to Europe from Bangkok.

I have one full week before leaving and I don’t know if I should spend it wholly in Bangkok or not. What would you do in this case? I have never been in Thailand before, but I only have one week and I don’t wanna rush around from place to place but at the same time I think one week in Bangkok could be too long.

May I have enough time for going to some island? And if so, which one would make it easier for me? Or maybe I should stay in Bangkok and going for some day trips around this area? Thailand wasn’t in my plan so I hardly know where to begin.

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    Lookout for Kanchanaburi Thailand and Ayutthaya and see if you would be interested in either. Both are accessible by train cheaply from BBK. Ayutthaya is one and a half hrs away. I’ve been to both several times and still will go back. Or you can go to the island beaches. Up to you.

    But spend 3 days and nights in BBK if you’ve never been there. Riverboat, BTS, and subway best 3 ways to get around. They will take you where you need to go better than a taxi, Tuk Tuk, or city bus. You can get to from the Chou Praya river ferries, Wat Arun, the Royal Palace, China Town, Saturdays and Sundays the floating Market. Catch a long tail boat from the Royal Palace Pier to get to market.

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    • Karlie Ross

      I did a day trip to Kanchanaburi from Bangkok and was beautiful! 2 hours away but wish I’d stayed there!


    I would either go down to an island like Koh Phi Phi if you like to party or Koh Lanta if you want to relax. If you enjoy more of the mountain/city vibe, I recommend Chiang Mai/Pai for a few days. There are plenty of temples and a few treks. I recommend spending three days in Bangkok because it is an incredible city with plenty to see as Joe has mentioned. Plus the food is out of this world!


    There’s a lot to do in Bangkok you could spend the week here, take a day trip to Ayutthaya temples and if you want some island time Koh Chang is only 8 hours door to door.
    You could visit Ko Samet, easy to reach on your way from Cambodia to Bangkok, a few days on the island and a few days in Bangkok, and your 7 days will be properly filled.
    Visit Koh Chang National marine park which is only an hour drive from the Hat Lek border crossing. I suggest a few days on Koh Chang as well.
    Simply go down south to Railay, Take a flight to Krabi and don’t stay in Bangkok.

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