How to Save Money for Long-Term Travels and During a Journey?

Money – A topic that is rarely discussed but definitely an important one. How does everyone save money for their most memorable journey’s? What is your best advice for saving money before and during your journey, rather than using credit cards and lines of credit?

Only to go home broke and depressed because you overspent. What are your thoughts? I would love to know!

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    My advice is if you’re not ready, don’t do it. Just put away enough to have a good trip without the worries. If you’re someone who always dabbles into your savings just make a second account that you put a guaranteed amount every week in + your usual. So say you put away $200 a week, make $100 untouchable and the other $100 you allow yourself to touch if needed and then if you get to your goal over both accounts, consolidate and book.


    Don’t forget to exclude the cost of stolen expenses!!!
    Anyway, I have a different way of calculating. I have a max of 1.000 euros per month, but I try to spend the least possible. I don’t break down on tickets, food, hotel etc. in some places accommodation is cheaper, in others more expensive, somewhere I do activities, in other areas I so nothing but eating/drinking. It all depends. In some countries I eat street food, in others, I enjoy fancy vegan restaurants. Plus I put out of budget activities such as yoga courses or driving licence.

    I try to travel as much as possible and try to enjoy travels. Hence I need to have a good amount on savings to use. At least 15.000 euros, which is what I required to pleasantly survive for two years back home.


    Getting a redundancy payment is quite helpful – especially if you are a little older than the average traveller 🙂 Generally, I will work until I save up enough to cover my budget and then plan a trip once I have the funds in place. When I was younger, I would work some overtime and put this money away in a savings account. I am also realistic on my budget.

    I know what I spend and how I like to travel – whilst I admire the minimalist ways of travel, that’s not for me – I do feel that on average people underestimate their budgets, and when making recommendations to others (especially on here) people do tend to confuse “need” and “want” and suggest budgets that are very low for most average travellers.

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