How Safe is Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam for a Solo Girl Traveler?

How safe is Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam for a solo girl traveler? what cool things to do. Any pieces of advice are welcome. I’ll be there in August and considered to (maybe) skip it.

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    I was just there alone, and it was totally fine! Feel free to check out all the classic historical things like the independence palace and the war remnants museum. But probably my biggest suggestion for you would be to make friends at your hostel to do things with because I’m sure there will be plenty of other solo travelers there. That being said I did walk around alone and was completely fine :).

    I stayed at the Long Hostel. It’s really chill, and they have free breakfast and free beer at happy hour every night, so it’s super easy to meet people.

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    I just left HCMC and I was travelling solo! Didn’t stay too long because I didn’t really like the city, but I didn’t feel unsafe. For transport, you can easily and safely use Grab or Uber. They scooter you to wherever you like, perfect if you don’t want to walk around in the dark on your own. It’s a big city, kinda safe overall but be careful with your handbags.


    Compared to other cities, HCMC is pretty safe! ???? And you should rent a scooter for roaming around; it’s easier to use and more convenient as you can put your things inside it! Make sure you ask for the price first before buying things, because pretty much it’s possible for you to bargain!


    The hostel’s owner where I stayed told me to be very careful with my bag and my phone. I think it’s mostly just because bag snatching and phone snatching is quite common but easily avoidable. Go into a mini-mart/shop to check your phone, wear a backpack with a chest strap and lock rather than a handbag. If you take care and are wary, you’ll be okay. Also, don’t leave your phone on restaurant tables


    I felt safer there than I did in Hanoi 🙂 we did War Remnants Museum, had a wander past the palace, Ben Thahn Market and Cu Chi Tunnels (tours are dirt cheap and worth it I reckon). We only did two days there, and it was enough. SIM cards are cheap in Vietnam, pick up one and use Uber/Grab at night especially and be careful with your things, but overall we didn’t feel too worried (just be careful really)!