How to Claim VAT for the Stuff Bought at Thailand for Tourists?

Bought a mobile phone yesterday in a big Shopping Centre in Chiang Mai. They said I can claim VAT back at the airport if I bring my passport number into the store today. The owner of the guesthouse I’m staying in reckons this sounds dodgy… I have attached the board they showed me in the store with details of this VAT back claim thing. Does anyone have any dealings with this in the past?

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    It’s true. I have also bought a phone and got my Vat refund at the Airport. In corner beside the Airlines, there is a whole section inside the departure area of Bangkok for reclaiming tax. You need to get the tax receipt from the shop. It’s legit.

    Don’t forget to show the box of the device also, this office is before check-in, after that you can dispose of the box. Check-in and afterwards there is an office where you get your actual money, minus 100 baht. For Europe, you can buy 1500 euros taxfree per trip.

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    You can, they make a paper for you, that you take to the airport, when you leave the country. The VAT is 7%, you need the VAT form, the receipt, and the product itself when you ask for a VAT refund. I’ve seen the tax refund booth in pretty much every airport I’ve ever been to. It’s a worldwide thing, not just Thailand.


    Completely legit, although you have to have stayed less than 180 days in the country, the goods have been bought not more than 60 days before exiting and only possible at the international airports.

    Despite living most time in the year in Thailand, I still got my VAT refund in Bangkok for my laptop. Remember to get your VAT before you check in your luggage as they might want to see the product.

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