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I’m a 21-year-old student from Madrid and currently, I’m on Erasmus in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I’m planning my way back home by hitchhiking Ljubljana-Madrid next week. My plan is crossing Austria, stopping maybe in Graz or Salzburg, then Munich and the south of Germany and enter in France through Switzerland, with stops in Zurich or Berna, finally the west of France until the Spanish border, with stops in some big city such as Lyon, Montpellier or Toulouse.

Do any of you have some hitchhiking recommendations about this route? I would really appreciate any kind of tip or bits of advice since this is my first long hitchhiking trip.

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    I definitely recommended you to see Salzburg and if you have time, Innsbruck. Also, if you are lucky to catch a car in direction of Munich from there, visit Fűssen and Neuschwanstein castle nearby 🙂 Good luck!


    CouchSurfing in Graz works pretty well! I’m from Graz, it’s a real up-and-coming city. It is also a historic site of importance. Also one of the most beautiful cities I have seen but also really expensive! Also, a swim in Bodensee is great for the moment!


    I would say go to the Czech Republic, Slovakia etc. These are great and beautiful places and much much cheaper than where you’re planning to go!

    • Jimena Oliver

      I would love to but I don’t have the time and I need to arrive to arrive at Madrid.

      • Doyle Haag

        You would have to cut out Austria. In my opinion its worth it. Austria seemed like it would be good if you have a lot of time to explore mountains etc. Olomouc in eastern Czech is really worth a visit. I ended up living there for 6 months 🙂


    Several years ago, in a winter time, I did that from Salzburg to Zurich, was really hard! Police may stop you many times, try to choose good locations to stop the cars, put near distances as the target if they don’t take you.


    When hitchhiking from Vienna to Salzburg/Munich you might ask drivers on rest and gas stations with number plates S for Salzburg, TS Traunstein, RO Rosenheim, M München. A sign with a destination might also help. The highway from Vienna to Munich via Salzburg is pretty busy. Shouldn’t be too hard to find someone.

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    Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland can be difficult, but better than Italy sure, that if, in Northern Italy, you can get into trains that I didn’t see a reviewer, there already yourself. France good. And Spain I can’t tell you because I didn’t hitchhike there, but they say that complicated… important, run a store and don’t worry about the police, hiding myself a bit, I had no problems, even making fire. Shave, with beards I didn’t eat or gosh, it was also two years ago with the refugee move and people were afraid, not to be Syrian, who could put them in jail if they took refugees, they told them on TV. Typical paranoia, but it’s like that…
    Watch the trucks, very nice, long distances, yes. But they let you go where they want it and then you get off the highway dodging cars and then through the sewers, I know what I’m talking about. Or in the middle of nowhere. An External Battery can save your ass.
    About maps.me and hitchwiki, these are your savior. It also has an app, but not offline.

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