Is Hitchhiking a Safe way to Travel in the USA?

I’m going to Boston for a few weeks and I’ve heard hitchhiking is not the safest way to travel in the US. Is it true? Does anyone have any experience in the USA? Any Must See around the area?

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    American here: I’ve had no problems and plenty of rides.

    You may have the best luck in truck stops (sit and wait with a sign, be inoffensive), that’s what I did/do. Also, take care when hitchhiking to mind the laws of each state. Some states (typically the easier ones allows to hitch successfully in!) you may walk on a convenient breakdown lane, others you’re not allowed to be on the paved roads while hitching at all and must use truck stops and rest stops. Be prepared, if you’re off the interstates, to spend interminable amounts of time walking through the suburb. Major cities are easier and less dreary.

    If you can, /definitely/ swing up to NYC. Skip Manhattan, but take a day or two to thoroughly enjoy the food in the other boroughs. The pizza in Staten Island and Brooklyn is, at par the best in the world. Cheap, too! Try the barbecue in the Carolinas, and the seafood down on the Gulf.

    In general, the food culture is going to be probably the single most accessible attraction across the country, and the most diverse. Expect to be (sincerely) offered work, too.

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    It’s mostly safe, but perhaps stay off the interstates or you may get fined by the police (they will often not say anything if you don’t go past the on-ramps though and will generally give you a warning before a fine for the first try or two).


    Need a bit more info here… you’re going TO Boston, but thinking of hitchhiking… Where? Boston isn’t the easiest place to hitch out of, especially toward NYC… and there are cheap busses all the time. If you’re headed north/up the coast, hitching is fine.
    There’s a lot of US revolutionary history in Boston as well as Philadelphia if that interests you. Also, Fenway Park is one of the most historic baseball stadiums. A cool place to watch a game.

    • Herminio Hickle

      Jarod is right. The east coast I-95 corridor has cheap buses (Bolt Bus and Mega Bus are the big ones). I believe they run from Washington DC to Boston stopping in Philadelphia and New York City.

      • Jarod Dickens

        Actually, they extend all the way from Boston to Virginia and even Georgia if you hung around a bit…but Hitchhiking in the south is FUN!


    Hitchhiking in the USA is as safe as anywhere else… and it works about as well as anywhere else in my opinion. Just slightly longer wait times on average.

    I’ve hitchhiked back and forth and around the states several times now and have had almost no problems. Hitchwiki is a great reference for individual state laws on hitchhiking though the only state that I know of that bans hitchhiking is New Jersey.

    But yeah, any typical rules for hitchhiking apply here as well. Taking public transit out of the city or to an interstate entrance, hanging out at truck stops, etc.


    I always had an easy time hitchhiking in the USA. Everyone has guns though or at least everyone who picked me up. Friendly people, nice roadways, lots of traffic. It is actually illegal in some states i.e. Florida.

    • Klaus Beck

      It is actually /not/ illegal in Florida. You may not be on a paved part of the interstate. You may be on any other paved road, or on the grass off the shoulder of an interstate.

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