How to Get a Transit/Tourist Visa of Russia without Hotel Booking?

I am an Italian and I am going to Georgia. From there I would like to get a Transit Visa or a Tourist Visa to get into Russia and arrive in Ukraine. But I see several restrictions to get a Visa. I need to have a hotel booked and to show my tickets to get in and out of the country, but (!) I would like to hitchhike. How can I do it with all these things to book? Is it really necessary or they don’t actually care? If anyone else from Europe ever hitchhiked and couch-surfed Russia want to help me I would be glad!

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    Find a host in Couchsurfing, who would send you an invitation letter: so you can show that, if you apply for the visa, and tell that you are staying in that host place.

    Tell them it is your friend, not some person through the internet.

    • Joannes Parisi

      It is not so easy ( if not impossible) to get an invitation letter from a host in CouchSurfing. We went through an agency and they gave us the invitation.

      • Ciro Riva

        Through agencies would be easier, for sure. But if he anyway would stay in CouchSurfing place, he might ask that also. I don’t know is it gonna work, or not, but I think it would be worth to try. 🙂 Depends on how CouchSurfing hosts would feel about it, tho…

        • Joannes Parisi

          I tried… and I knew the host I was asking but she explained to me why she couldn’t do it.
          And she wasn’t the only one.


    There are some restrictions to go to the EU all the time, so I recommend you to use, there are a lot of opportunities to book a place with free cancellation, so you get a confirmation of the accommodation but then simply cancel it.

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    You will also need to show your bank statement for the last month (or three, I can’t remember). Definitely make sure you have everything you need, they don’t f**k about in Russia.

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