Where to find Plus Size Clothes in Ho Chi Minh for a Traveler Who Lost her Luggage?

Air Asia have lost my luggage from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh, so now I am stranded with no clothes and no property other than my passport, purse, and phone. I’m obviously gutted and really anxious, however, I am a UK 16/18 so I know I’m really gonna struggle to get any clothes to fit me here.

Does anyone know anywhere where I can get larger sizes? If Air Asia loses your bags, what are the odds of getting them back? Any advice or help is welcome. Thanks in advance from a very sad Scottish backpacker ????

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    It happened to me 2 times ( Air Asia & KLM ) the crew will need you to fill out the form and get some info from you and they will deliver your luggage to your hotel once they found your luggage and so on.

    If your travel is covered by insurance, you can claim a certain amount from Air Asia (if you purchase air Asia insurance) or your agent after your trip. Look at the Air Asia website. You can find what you should know. Keep your tickets and everything about flights to claim back the money.

    About the clothes, you can get larger sizes for sure at the Bến Thành market in Hồ Chí Minh! Mostly fake t-shirts (Adidas, Supreme etc) tho and pants, but I guess that should be fine for a while?

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    You’ll find so many malls that will have those sizes. Tons of westerners live and shop here. Check out Takashimaya or Bitexco for malls, or Mayhem for clothes you’ll probably actually like. You’ll get your luggage back I think.


    I’m living in Hồ Chí Minh city u know! Because you’re traveling and in need for some clothes with reasonable prices then , at Lý Chính Thắng street, District 3, there’s a shop which opposite Cinebix cinema, you can spot it on right away!

    They sell clothes in a variety of sizes and also it’s one of the places where you can freely try it on without being bothered by the employees who follow you and try to sell their clothes too, the price is about 2,5 dollars for a t shirt and above! Try it out!


    Chuck it, just wear the same clothes until you get your luggage, in three days, you will blend right in with the Hồ Chí Minh city smell 🙂
    Although, they need to pay you for your clothes, hotel, and food because it’s their fault. They need to cover your daily expenses until they found your bag.

    If that solution is no good. There are plenty of clothes for us plus sized westerners. Big market near the backpacker is in zone 1. The sellers will drive you nuts though. I lasted about 10 minutes there, and I have lived in Thailand for 5 years 🙂

    • Georgia Clark

      I wonder if I can just pretend to be deaf? I will definitely check it out. Thanks for the advice!

      • Pearlie Emard

        It won’t help, they are incredibly pushy. Just as bad as Alanya, Turkey. In Thailand, they are too lazy to sell you anything, love it 🙂


    My friend got his lost luggage on the same night. But as it was more than 6 hours after he landed, he got like €150 in compensation. So, if you’ve taken insurance from Air Asia, Call them and then go find yourself some expensive western clothing shops and make the most of it! ????


    Update: the airport just phoned me and they are about to deliver my luggage now!!! So bloody happy!!! Thanks for the advice and positive vibes guys!✌????

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