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    We just came to Romania from Serbia with our dog. What I understood was that a Serbian dog needs a vet’s certificate that it’s rabies-free in order to enter the EU. With an EU dog passport, neither the Serbian or Romanian border control asked any further questions. Going into Serbia neither Hungarian or Serbian border guards were interested in the dog. Going out the Serbians checked the papers, the Romanians were trying to guess the breed of the dog based on the sound of the bark 😀 And they got it right!


    Serbia has a higher rate of rabies therefor you really need the vaccine and a Titer test. this takes 3 months to do in Serbia and around 2 weeks in the EU. And yes if you don’t have it, it could be a problem! I Found my dog in Serbia and had to wait 3 months for the vaccine and blood test to be finished.

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    If he has an EU passport it should be fine. It was fine for me!

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