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    I hitchhiked from Oslo to Namsos and it was a great experience, people are extremely friendly and welcoming. I was even offered a place to stay and food & drinks, just keep in mind that Norwegians say thank you (tak por… – thanks for… ) very often and that roads are quite slow to drive. 🙂 enjoy your trip, it will surely be a great experience!

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    • Lloyd Hackett

      Nice! How long did it take you to reach Namsos by hitchhiking?

      • Roxanne Butler

        I was picked up by a truck in Oslo that went to Trondheim, from there it was only two more rides. I stayed the night in Steinkjer and went on the next day. If I remember correctly from Oslo to Steinkjer was about 12 hours.


    My experience from 2 years ago. Roads are complicated. In many mountain segments walking is prohibited and choice of a spot to hitch a ride is often between shitty and outright illegal. I was also told that Norwegians themselves do not hitchhike and therefore they also do not pick up often. Proved true in our case. On our way from Oslo to Jotunheim, we got rides from various East European foreign workers and one Norwegian ex-hippy couple.


    I hitched from the outskirts of Oslo to Bergen last year, staying overnight in Flöm. Good standing spots can be hard, but rides for me came within 30 mins of waiting and it took 4 or 5 rides. 2 were Norwegians, others were foreigners living/working there.


    Hitchhiking on the road is pretty difficult and actually illegal. Try arranging it at some petrol/gas station – people are much more inclined to pick up a hitchhiker that way. Good luck!

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