Easiest and Cheapest way to reach South of France from Paris?

We are in Paris at the moment, but we want to hitchhike to the South of France and will camp there (around Montpellier and Marseille). Does anyone have experience with this? Is it possible at all? We’ve had difficulty hitchhiking in France so far, people don’t seem very receptive to it. Thanks!

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    I am french from Paris 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it. You can definitely hitchhike to the south of France (maybe in 2 or 3 days, it is 700km approx). I am surprised, because hitchhiking is quite easy in France (in country side is better).

    To go away from Paris is difficult, you will need to pay for a train to go far… Maybe check on hitchwiki.org they will give tips. South of France, especially around Marseille (Côte d’Azur), is absolutely not the good destination for hitchhikers and during the time of the high season in July. It is mostly full of tourist, sometimes very posh (Cannes, Nice…) and it will be harder than in other part of France.

    I really recommend more the south west, (les “Landes”) between Bordeaux and Biarritz), the ocean is beautiful, you have the biggest sand dune of Europe, and the forest there is the biggest of Europe too, very easy to wild camp in the forest in front of the ocean!!!

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    • Gilbert Verdier

      I do not agree, I’m from the south of France and I never have problems hitchhiking! Just make sure to have a sign. It really makes a big difference in my area. The problem will be with wild camping. Do not make any campfire as it’s illegal, even barbecue are illegals in most of the local towns and for a good reason: we are tired of wildfires destroying our landscape. South East of France is beautiful and except Marseille city itself, our area is really posh, it’s true.

      • Abbie Bailey

        Thanks so much for the info! We’re aware that there are lots of tourists there. But if we go to the south-west coast, can we actually swim there? The water must be very cold no?

        • Théodore Andre

          No problem, but what?? lol the ocean in the south-west is hot! not as hot as the Mediteranée, but not far from 25° I guess it is hot enough for you 😀
          About south-east, you have the beautiful Alps too near Mediteranée if you want fresh air and a beautiful lake, and hitchhiking is easy in the countryside, mountains etc


    Agree! Getting out of Paris is tough and avoid the main tourist routes to the south. I hitchhiked in the Alps (region Grenoble), Bretagne and Normandy and there it was very easy. Bretagne has beautiful beaches as well as clear blue water. And the coastline with the rocks is amazing to hike along. It’s my favorite part of France! (You just need some good luck with the weather).


    2 months ago, I and my partner wanted to go from Paris to Montpellier in one day and we didn’t make it. But that was because we were stuck in Paris for 4 hours. It was extremely difficult to get out of Paris. It would have been quite ok to do it if it wasn’t for this time spent in Paris.


    Yes getting out of Paris is my nightmare all the time, I can take a really longest road just to avoid Paris ! my advice would be to take a blablacar, just to get out of Paris, like to Orléans for example, and then try to hitchhike from there. The problem is that in summer most of the cars are full with kids and luggage, especially on the highway, so maybe you should take national roads instead, it’s gonna be longer, but you have much more chance to find empty cars. And as for me, it’s much more fun!


    It took us 8 hours to get a lift out of Paris once! When it was starting to get dark a guy picked us up and took us to Versaille, haha so close! It was nice though as he offered us a room and we had a great barbeque and free rum. From Versaille it was piece of cake; we wanted to go to Marseille but a girl picked us up and convinced us to come with here to Montpellier where again she offered us a room! People are really nice in France, but Paris is a nightmare to get out!


    I’m a French hitchhiker, my tip to get out of Paris is to take a rideshare with Blablacar for the first 100 km (around 7 euros) and ask the driver to leave you on a gas station on the highway. Then it’s easy to go from gas station to gas station, Usually, I can cross most of the country in one day. Good luck!

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