Which Country to Explore Next after Vietnam in South-East Asia?

We’re currently in Vietnam probably til the end of the month. I’m flying back home on October 8th so that leaves about 3 more months to explore. We’re weighing upon visiting 3 more counties:

  • Thailand
  • Myanmar
  • Cambodia
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Laos

What would you choose and why? Thailand is pretty much a given tho 😉

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    Philippines – There are so many tourist attractions. Many beaches. And you should visit Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, Palawan, Boracay, Bohol, Cebu and so on. People, there are also nice, I am a Filipino I must say that its still more fun in the Philippines. Also, Myanmar for its difference to the rest of south-east Asia… and is not too tourist inundated yet.


    Currently in Malaysia right now, have the next two months visiting all the rest on the list. Malaysia has been beyond spectacular, the people are what has set the bar so high for the rest of our trip… Would not hesitate for a second to add Malaysia to your plans!


    I’ve been to Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia, plus I live in the Philippines. Not to be biased, Philippines would be on the top of that list. There’s a wide variety of places to visit — from pristine beaches, amazing marine life to waterfalls and caves to mountain ridges and rice terraces. Myanmar would be next on my list — haven’t been there but planning to go there to see the temples at sunrise.

    I suppose, if you are limiting it to 3 countries, you can choose between Cambodia or Myanmar as both give the old world feel. Beware of scams in Cambodia border though if you are crossing by land. Malaysia would be my 3rd recommendation, I’ve been there twice, love the food.

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    Thailand for sure but Myanmar is magic! Beautiful landscapes. Not too crowded and still a real sense of culture and community. Plenty of outdoor activities and the people are seriously THE NICEST! In case if you finalize Thailand and wanna have a good party time then you should visit Koh Phangan for sure 🙂 The Island has a perfect Mix of parties and peaceful places and waterfalls with nice natural pools.

    PS: I have been to all except the Philippines so this is a professional ???? opinion


    I’ve been to all countries and love them equally. What I would consider here is the weather. In a couple of weeks, it will be monsoon season until the end of Sept. So I would head to Thailand as soon as possible then Malaysia, then Myanmar? I’m in Vietnam as well. Heading to Indonesia next week. Have a blast!


    Laos is underrated. The people are friendly, the country is stunning and their waterfalls, mountains, lakes, and rivers are just beautiful.

    Cambodia for sure. Go see the temples at Siem Reap then go south to the Islands Koh Rong. Beautiful beaches, amazing backpacker vibes and lots to explore!

    Thailand but stick to northern first, Chiang Mai, Pai, Ayuthaya, Kanchanaburi, Erawan National Park ???????? then Khao Yai National Park and Khao Sok.


    Just crossed over to Kawthoung, Myanmar after spending time with friends in Phuket, had amazing weather, got the luminescent plankton/squid something that was amazing the last night there. In addition to bright moon, milky way, and huge storm in distance for lightning. Next stops are Myeik, Dawei, Yangon, then who knows where!


    Thanks for all the answers. Super helpful ???? I think the verdict is Thailand, Myanmar & Malaysia. I would love to do the Philippines but I think it is the most difficult and money consuming to get there, out of all the options ???? unless anyone has some good tips on getting there?

    • Elsie Martin

      BudgetAir airlines! You can score a round trip from Kuala Lumpur for about $100. Most people fly out of Manila and head to Cebu or Palawan. But Luzon is the biggest island and there’s plenty to get busy with, accessible by bus.

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