What are the Consequences for Overstaying Cambodian Visa?

First question… Has anyone recently overstays there Cambodian visa by 4-5 days and what were the reproductions?

The second question – after reading a few bad reviews on the safety of Phnom Phen especially at night we are undecided whether it’s worth the trip there and equally worth it to be there for a week to extend our Cambodian visa.

Thanks in advance.

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    I’m not sure about the visa thing but having just been to Phnom Penh recently… I’suggest only going there for a day or 2 for the killing fields and S21. It’s really dirty, and really quite scary at night time. Lots of pickpockets and guys that drive along side you on motorbikes trying to snatch bags from pedestrians on foot. Knowing a Cambodian… he told me that Phnom Penh is the worst impression you can get of Cambodia. I went there first and wasn’t keen at all. The people not so friendly, seedy men everywhere and just didn’t feel safe one bit. However, I then traveled the rest of Cambodia and absolutely love it. Most people I met only go to Phom Penh for a day or so max… do the killing fields & S21 then move on. Everyone will have their own opinion so just depends on each person I guess. But… I heard the same as you prior to visiting and afterward realized the rumors I’d heard seemed to match. Good luck with the visa and happy traveling! ????

    • Mattie Hilpert

      I agree with you totally I hated it there. Two girls in my dorm had their bags cut with scissors as men went by on motorbikes. Koh Rong the island is pretty cool!

      • Gilbert Schinner

        People have different opinions but I loved Phnom Penh! I went out frequently and walked home late at night and I was okay but that’s not to say it doesn’t happen! Phnom Penh was one of my favorite cities but it all depends on the experience you have! Just make the best of that! At least go to Phnom Penh for one day cause it has the best museums I’ve ever been to!

        • Josie Kautzer

          Absolutely! Everyone is different and will have different experiences no matter where you go. It tended to be mainly girls that felt unsafe or had some sort of negative experience as we seem to be prayed on more. The big night market was really good and firework display along the waterfront was good. I guess you will make your own opinion of it! ????


    Overstaying is not a problem but you’ll have to pay the fee of 10 USD a day. I personally liked Phnom Penh, especially the daughters of Cambodia cafe and the riverfront promenade. I wouldn’t do a whole week there, though, if that means overstaying.


    If we all listened to the likes of poor little Josie.. we’d have never left the womb. Mind you there’s some that think leaving the sea was a really bad idea but hey.. enough with the D.Adams quotes. Find somewhere nice to stay.. not in the seedy bar area which it sounds like Josie stayed in.

    Oh and Josie your “local Cambodian” friend should have informed you that the local KTV joints outnumber the western bars by a significant factor. Safety is and should always be of concern in any major city… don’t carry bags or use phones while walking… hell why to walk?? Use a tuktuk.. if it is parked in front of a restaurant it will be there because the restaurant allows it.. therefore it will be safe to use.

    The ones at your hostel will be more reliable as the hostel won’t allow them to create problems with guests as it reflects badly on the hostel. Anyway, come to see for yourself. My 72-year-old mother comes here every year and goes off by herself while I am working so I am sure you will be fine!

    Oh, and the visa extension should only take a couple of days… we used to do them for people and they would collect them on the way back through sometimes… saves waiting in Phnom Phen… but if you like it there’s plenty to do while you wait.

    Best answer

    I overstayed 6 days And They didn’t make me pay anything! But it’s 10$ usually.


    We stayed in Phnom Phen for a week and then went back for another 2 nights! We stayed at Lazy Gecko which was a great accommodation on a cool street too.

    Keep your wits about you, don’t flash your bag, money or phone about on the street.
    Be mindful and you’ll be sweet ????????


    No idea about the visa but I didn’t find it scary or dangerous at all. Not even at nighttime. Just take your normal precautions. Don’t show your phone or money if not needed. Don’t trust everybody approaching you, then you’ll be fine I guess.


    I have overstayed 5 days in Cambodia. And when I got to Poipet in order to get back in Thailand they made me pay 50 dollars (10$ per overstaying day). But that’s it.

    And Phnom Phen is safe. Just take care of your belongings, while walking late at night hold tight your bag. And try not to get out your phone out in the streets. (Motorbike stealers)

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