Cheap ways to Reach Oslo from London except via Interrail?

Does anyone have experience of Interrailing passes in Europe? Looking to travel from London to Oslo, (I’d hitch if it wasn’t for my partners’ young daughter).

Seems like that you need to pay lots of extra reservation fees and booking fees. So any advice or experience would be great (Eurostar/ night trains/ tips for getting places free!)?

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    From experience, most of the time you don’t need reservations. Only if the train is really busy. Italy is pretty strict about it on certain trains, but you can generally look it up or ask at the station. Even with reservations, they aren’t usually expensive.
    On night trains you do – if you want to go in a sleeper cabin. Sometimes it’s worth it since sitting up all night trying to sleep in a lit table cabin can be painful.


    I interrailed through Europe twice a couple of years ago. As far as I remember, the only reservations I made were for the fast trains e.g. TGV in France) and the night trains. I think interrail has an app in which you can check international timetables and can also see if you need a reservation for a specific train. It depends on how much time you have, but that way you can check if you can manage with local trains or need fast/night trains. Reservations were usually a few euros and if you take a bed in the night train, you don’t have to pay for other accommodation 😉

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    It’s way cheaper to get around on buses! They take longer, which means a lot if the intercity sectors can actually be done overnight (London-Paris, Paris-Berlin, London-Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Copenhagen, Copenhagen-Oslo etc) so you save twice… Prices, if booked smart and in advance, should be less than €100 from London to Oslo…)


    I used interrail a couple years ago. Maybe it is best to avoid Eurostar? So take a bus from the UK to Lille for example. The rest of the trip should be no problem without any reservations… If you book night train you might need a reservation though.


    Interrail is expensive, and takes loads of time!!! I went from Amsterdam to Copenhagen it was very expensive and took me from 5 pm to 7 am.
    Rather blabla car or bus.

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