Can we Cross from Vladikavkaz in Russia to Azerbaijan Overland?

Has anyone crossed from Russia to Azerbaijan overland recently? I wish to know the options for transportation? I read about the train but I wanted to know if there is some bus or shared taxis? Or Hitchhiking works there? I will be starting from Vladikavkaz in Russia and I will have less than 2 days to cross the border before my Russian visa expires.

Update: I am in Georgia according to my original plan, didn’t need to go to Azerbaijan.

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    I didn’t but I think there are no trains Russia-Azerbaijan. The only crossing is the road to Quba. There are taxi and buses quite sure. Or you want to travel trough Georgia?

    • Gauransh Tella

      My initial plan is to go from Vladikavkaz to Georgia but if I am refused entry at the border then I will have to go back to Vladikavkaz and head to the Azerbaijan border. So I will enter Azerbaijan from Russia.


    There’s straight marshrutka to Stepantsminda in Georgia. That doesn’t answer your question, but I wanted to help so bad. Sorry


    From Vladikavkaz, you only enter into Georgia. Just today I did that and in Tbilisi now. Tomorrow or Sunday I’m looking to go to Baku. There are trains and buses both.

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    • Gauransh Tella

      Do you have an Indian passport? My initial plan is to go to Georgia from Vladikavkaz, Azerbaijan is plan B in case I am not allowed to enter Georgia. I don’t need a visa for Georgia as I have a valid US visa but I have heard they often refuse entry to Indians and Pakistanis who have e-visa or are eligible for visa-free entry.

      • Charlie Palan

        I don’t need a visa for Georgia. That said, I do not have an Indian passport. What passport do you have? How are you looking to go to Azerbaijan if you’re refused entry into Georgia? Do you have a double or multiple entry Visa for Russia? Not sure but maybe there’s a direct border entry into Azerbaijan from Russia.

        • Gauransh Tella

          I have a Pakistani passport. I had a Fifa Confederations Cup Fan id which allowed me multiple entries to Russia. I am in Tbilisi now. I was questioned just for 30 minutes by immigration so I would count that easy haha.

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