Can We Apply for a Chinese Visa in Tashkent Being a Foreigner There?

We are a Spanish couple travelling around the world. Currently, we are in Iran, and the next steps are: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirguistan, and China.

Do you know if foreigners can apply for the Chinese visa in Tashkent? Do you know any case?

Question Geography | City: Tashkent | Country: Uzbekistan
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    I think it’s not possible to get it in Tashkent. Tried to get my Chinese visa in central Asia in January, it wasn’t possible anywhere back then. I finally sent my passport to an agency that got the visa in my country.

    • Jovan Robel

      Which agency did you use to get the visa in your home country?

      • Chance Koch

        Aina travel in Poland, recommended. I’m pretty sure they can also work for non Polish citizens.


    It is impossible to apply for the Chinese visa in Central Asia. Try to get her out in Tehran, if you’re not gonna have trouble later. I understand that in Tehran they give you a 90-day visa to get in.

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    • Chance Koch

      When I was around in autumn, Tehran was also tricky, chances were 50/50.

      • Bradly Lakin

        Yes, China changes every day!! The best way to find is to keep yourself updated.

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