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    Lakes, valleys, etc are more than likely private land. Tread with caution. Your best bet is a not-yet-in-use commercial property where you can tuck in and nobody will see you.

    As for national parks, there is a website for each park so just look at a map and then Google the name of the park you’re interested in.

    Please, please, don’t stealth camp in national parks in regulated areas. National parks, as opposed to national forests, are really vital in preserving unique and important ecosystems. I’m all for avoiding having to pay for things you don’t have to, please don’t do it at the expense of our national parks.

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    It varies but most places on the east coast require you to pay to camp. As others have said, Bureau of Land Management and National Forest land are free to camp, but those are mostly in the western states. Some of it does exist on the east coast though. You can also camp free on the Appalachian Trail. Otherwise, most parks on the east coast are state, county or local. Don’t count on local parks allowing camping. Some county parks do but it’s rare. State parks almost always allow camping. But you’ll have to research that because each state has their own rules and regulations and fees. And that can vary from park to park as well. Most parks allow campfires but many do not, and some only allow it during certain times of the year or if the current wildfire danger is low. I’m sure it can be confusing but that’s the way it is here.


    NJ state parks are okay, but not free. The land is at a premium on the east coast, camping is rarely, if ever, free.


    Oh, just pay, camp only in designated areas, no fires, don’t leave food where animals can get them…

    • Carolanne

      Yeah, we will be carrying packaged food and will not make any fires.

      • Amy Satterfield

        Get a national park pass. It’ll save money and I’m pretty sure it gets you discounted campsites within the parks.


    If you’re in a rural area ask the local fire station about pitching the tent behind their building.

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